Thursday, September 22, 2011

How to change brakes on a gmc yukon?

2004 front and rear, what skill level? thanks in advanceHow to change brakes on a gmc yukon?You will need to remove the wheels. Need a 'C' clamp (A 10-12%26quot; size will be large enough). Need some allen wrenches (3/8%26quot; socket drive will make life easier, but regular allen wrench will work).

On the front, remove the wheel. Then on the back side of the brake caliper there are two bolts that mount the caliper to the mounting bracket. Remove those two bolts to remove the caliper. Then remove the outer brake pad by prying loose with a screwdriver or similar (it is held in place with spring clips). Then use the inner pad and c-clamp to compress the caliper piston (if your tough you can squeeze it by hand... just use the clamp). Then remove the inner brake pad. Install the new pads in the same manner as the old ones came off, then place the caliper in position. Lube the slider bolts with grease before you install them (the allen head bolts that hold the caliper in place). Then torque them back down.

Repeat sequence for all four corners. If I remember correctly, you have disc all the way around.

Keep in mind that when you press the piston back into the caliper that the brake fluid level in your master cylinder will rise, and may overflow if somebody has been topping it off.

Never allow the caliper to hang by the brake line. ALWAYS tie it up with something (tie wire, a friend, ect), don't let it hang by the rubber hose.

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